Your focus should be on Your Practice not Your wallet. Quality Items & Affordability is our goal!

How We Got Started: 

Karma Keepers was founded while searching for alternative treatments for P.T.S.D. The visualization and positive affirmation techniques learned from some of the Voodoo and Wicca practices are valuable tools that I am glad to have found. 

Continuing my exploration and studying of different cultures, religions and practices I created many different ritual items myself due to the high cost of items that were available to purchase. I was encouraged to make these items available for Sale to the public. Initially starting with a few listing on eBay, there is now a complete store on eBay, this online store and has some of Karma Keepers items available as well. 

I think that people should focus on their Practice, not on their wallet; with that in mind, our goal is to provide quality hand made ritual items and other retail items at a fair, reasonable price.  With the addition of an ever expanding retail inventory and continued creation of new products...Karma Keepers was born in late 2014.

Thank You for looking at our store, we hope to be able to help fulfill some of your ritual supply needs in the future. 

Remember to always ask yourself, "What side of Karma am I on?"