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  • Authentic "Ostara" Ritual Voodoo Doll

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    You are purchasing a Meditation/Voodoo Doll. This doll can represent you or she can Represent Ostara for your Altar or Spring Solstice Rituals. 

    One of the Tales of Ostara is:

    Ostara or Eostre is the Goddess of Spring/Spring Solstice. She is often portrayed in a green dress with a rabbit alongside her. The rabbit, Lepus was created when Ostara found a suffering bird in the snow unable to fly due to frozen wings. She saves the little one's life, but the birds wings no longer allowed him to fly. Taking compassion on him, Ostara turned him into a snow hare rabbit and named him Lepus. She also gave him the ability to run very fast to avoid hunters, and to honor his birthrite as a bird, she allowed Lepus to lay eggs in all colors of the rainbow. He was only allowed to lay eggs one day a year, which is what has become Easter. During there time together, Lepus betrayed her friendship and out of anger she flung him into the skies. He then resided under Orion's feet as the constellation Lepus. After time had passed and Ostara had fond memories of their time together, she allowed Lepus to come to Earth one day a year, to give his brightly colored eggs away to the children at The Ostara Festival each spring.


    Complete instructions for using and taglocking the doll (assigning the identity) will be included, as well as 7 pins, a pin color guide and additional instructions.


    All Voodoo Dolls are made completely by hand and are approximately 5" tall.


    This item contains sharp pins and may pose a choking hazard. Not recommended for children.