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  • Candle Magick Box Set, 11 Candles and Holder

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    Candle Magick Box Set 

    This set includes 11 Candles with a frosted glass chakra candle holder and a hand made wood box which fits all the candles and candle holder inside neatly for your altar or other storage needs. 

    The wood box has a two tone pattern. Because these are handcrafted, there may be a variation on the design of the box. The candles are 4 inch unscented chime/spell candles unscented. Average burn time of 2 hours makes them ideal for ceremonies, rituals, etc. 

    The box includes an info sticker applied to the inside of the box lid with color meanings for each candle

    11 candle colors include: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Light Blue, Brown, Black and White