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  • Feng Shui Salt Water Cure Kit Protection and Cleansing

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    Feng Shui Salt Cure Kit. 

    Each kit contains:

    6 Chinese Coins
    Cleansing Sea Salt
    Instruction Guide
    *variations to red ribbon and bow (pictured)

    Jar is not included with this item

    This Salt cure is effective in helping to remove and absorb negative energy, much brought into our spaces because of the flying stars which can cause illness and turmoil in our lives.

    This year, 2016, the flying stars to be vigilant about are #5 and #2

    5 Represents misfortune
    2 represents illness

    The Salt Water Cure and Coins will help to absorb and remove these negative energies. 

    The salt will interact with the atmosphere and absorb the negative energies causing the salt crystals to grow and multiply. 

    The use of salt can be traced back thousands of years. Since Ancient times, salt has always been known for its cleansing properties and its capability to absorb negative energy very quickly. Whether it was a currency, gift, medicine or offering, salt has always held a place of importance in a cultures.