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herb blend purple sachet sleep relaxation

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You are purchasing a Sleep Sachet. The 2" sachet is filled with Karma Keepers' 9 herb blend. (3x3x3) 3 groups of 3 herbs with an intention mantra to be said 3 times. The sachet is most effective when placed under your pillowcase.

Listed are the 9 herbs used, combined and used in the sleep blend. The exact ratio of each herb in the blend is unique to Karma Keepers.

For Dreams the blend contains Bay Leaf, Mugwort and Onion which are known to aid in dream power to enhance prophetic and revealing dreams.prophetic and revealing dreams
For Protection and to Ward off nightmares the blend contains Thyme, Rosemary and Cloves. All 3 of these herbs are excellent  for protection, repelling negativity and warding off nightmares.

For Relaxation, peacefulness and to steady the mind to compel one towards sleep the blend contains 3 proven herbs: Lavender, Peppermint and Basil.

A sleep mantra for you to practice is provided, as well as instructions for placement and handling of the sachet.