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herb blend red sachet passion courage

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Magickal Sachets (also known as herbal charms) and herbs have been used for thousands of years in many different countries and cultures all over the world. Herbs have almost unlimited uses and a long standing, proven history of supporting cleansing, health and purification. The ritual of combining the herbs is done with the correspondence and intentions they are being combined for, which includes the time of day and the order that the herbs are combined together among other ritualistic aspects. Black is the color that relates to repelling negative energy. 

This herbal blend is used for Passion/Determination/Courage To support the intention of the sachet I also include an intention spell and instructions to release the full essence of the herbs. 

The sachet is meant to be carried in certain situations and/or placed in certain places in your home/work. Recommendations for best practices and ways to tap into the properties of the herb blend will be included as well as an intention spell.

The herbs should NOT be ingested or inhaled for any reason. Not recommended for children/pets.