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  • Marie Laveau Voodoo Doll Altar Piece

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    You are purchasing a Marie Laveau Voodoo Doll. This is an excellent altar piece or can be used as a voodoo doll to represent someone else (black magick) or the holder of the doll (positive affirmations). Her head wrap also includes a Blue genuine Swarovski crystal in the front.

    Complete instructions for using and "taglocking" the dolls will be included, as well as 7 pins, a color guide and additional instructions.
    Marie Laveau is considered to be the Queen of Voodoo and gained an enormous following. She was in a higher class when it came to her practices and skills, teaching many skills to others in her lifetime of 87 years. Her grave to this day is visited and the triple x "XXX" is considered to be good luck if you make a wish when visiting her tomb and leave the "XXX" mark upon it.