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  • Meditation Wand Unakite Swarovski Crystal and Copper

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    Hand Crafted Healing and Meditation Wand
    6 1/2 inches long
    CopperUnakite & Swarovski Crystals

     The Base of this wand is crafted from copper pieces.
    The tip of the wand is a Solid Unakite Sphere (aprox. 25mm). 

    Unakite Jasper melds the abundant nurturing energy of green with the gentle passion of pink.
     Unakite is one of nature's most healing crystals. Its energies relate best to: kindness, compassion and love.

    In meditation Unakite is excellent for use in balancing the emotional body.

    The Stem of wand is adorned with the 7 Chakra Colors represented in Genuine Swarovski Crystals. 

    The base and connections of the wand are Hand Crafted out of Copper