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Poppet Numerology Life Path and Karmic Lessons

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Numerology Poppet with your Personal Life Path and Karmic Lessons. 

When purchasing please include your full name at birth (maiden name) and complete birth date. Using Numerology practices we will calculate your Personal Life Path and Karmic Lessons. 

The poppet is herb infused with a special blend designed to aid in mental clarity and meditation. 

For each of the numbers represented on your specific doll, you will receive information relating to each number. You will also receive instructions and an intention spell to use with your poppet.

Life Path: this number will be on the torso. Your life path number reveals the main challenges and opportunities you will encounter during your lifetime. Your life path number will be applied in the color that corresponds with your specific Life Path Number.

The numbers on the arms will represent the areas of your life you are drawn to: your strengths, passion, talents and abilities.

The numbers on the legs will represent the Karmic Lessons and areas in your life that challenge you and where you should focus more energy. 

In some instances, due to your numbers, there will be no Karmic Lesson numbers on the legs of the doll. If this is the case, the doll will have symbols on each leg correlating to your strengths and passions represented

A Poppet is used to represent a person, generally the owner of the doll. The use of poppets is an age old practice, going back thousands of years and appearing in many different cultures spanning the globe. Poppets are similar to a luck charm and can be used to promote health, love, happiness, protection, charm, finances/employment, etc.