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Poppet Pink Love and Attraction

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Pink poppet (Love and Attraction) with a muslin herb sachet wrapped into the body.  The poppet will also includes pins, a color guide and instructions on different ways to use the poppet as well as instructions on how to taglock and personalize your poppet. 

A Poppet is a doll that is used to represent a person, generally the owner of the doll. The use of poppets is an age old practice, going back thousands of years and appearing in many different cultures spanning the globe. Poppets are similar to a luck charm and can be used to promote health, love, happiness, protection, charm, finances/employment ...

Each color of the poppet focuses on a particular aspect of your life. A pink poppet is used to focus on aspects of life relating to love and attraction. This poppet has an muslin wrapped sash of herbs wrapped inside the poppet below the heart. The herb blend is: Basil, Caraway Seed, Dill, Rosemary and Cinnamon as well as an herbal blend unique to Karma Keepers.

This item is not a toy and not recommended for children. The herbs wrapped inside the poppet should not be consumed, ingested or inhaled for any reason. This item contains sharp pins and may pose a choking hazard. 

Poppets are not constructed until ordered so that potency of herbs is at its highest. All poppets have a sage cleansing before they are sent out. To properly prepare and cleanse the poppet handling time is 24 hours from time of order.