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  • Protection Kit Intention Spell and Black Poppet

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    I am often asked about "Removing/Reversing a Curse/Banishing Negativity". In order to make it much easier for anyone interested in this Intention, I have put together a Kit with everything needed for this intention. The kit will also include a Black Poppet to reinforce your intention of Banishing Negativity.

    You will Receive:

    The Reflection Spell Printed on Tri-Fold Card Stock
    1 Sage Smudge Stick
    1 Small Mirror
    1 Small Wax Sealed Bottle of Black Salt 
    4 candles
    1 Herb Infused Black Poppet
    Guide and Instructions

    Complete instructions will be included with your purchase as well as a guide and instructions on what can be used to enhance and support your specific intention. 

    If you are in Immediate or Constant Danger notifying your local law enforcement should always be your VERY FIRST course of action.

    The Black Salt as well as the Herbs inside the Poppet should not be inhaled/ingested/consumed for any reason. Sharp pins, glass and many other small items are included with this item and may pose a Choking Hazard...Not recommended for Children.

    Due to the variations of practice and levels of experience that each person has, I can only provide you with materials that will support your intentions, therefore, I can not guarantee any specific outcome.