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Poppet Weight Loss

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Herb infused poppet (weight loss) with a muslin herb sachet wrapped into the body.  This poppet is adorned with 3 symbols: The symbol on the arm represents Will, the symbol on the torso is the Wiccan Symbol for Lose weight, the symbol on the leg is the Egyptian Ankh which in this instance represents health

The poppet is 3 to 4 inches tall and will include instructions on how to taglock and use the poppet, and a spell is provided. Each doll is birthed and infused with a power and personality all it's own. and poppets are not constructed until ordered. 
All poppets are handmade so there may be a very slight variation in each doll. 

This poppet has an muslin wrapped sash of herbs wrapped inside the poppet below the heart.

The herb blend used and placed in this poppet is a strong mixture. 

A Poppet is a doll that is used to represent a person, generally the owner of the doll. The use of poppets is an age old practice, going back thousands of years and appearing in many different cultures spanning the globe. Poppets are similar to a luck charm and can be used to promote health, love, happiness, protection, charm, luck, desire, finances/employment ...